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Blade and Cutter Sharpening Service  |  Fast Turnaround  |  Regular Collections and Deliveries Across North Wales

Expert Blade Sharpening

for Precise, Accurate Cuts

sawmill bandsaw blade sharpening in wales

Our aim is for

you to get the

best and most

cuts possible

from your


Tegid Evans, Owner Supersharp

Sawmill Blade Sharpening


Servicing comprises of the cleaning, setting and sharpening of the blades. They are assessed throughout the process and any considered beyond service are discarded.

Our Service

We set teeth by hand. Although there are numerous automatic setting machines available and hand setting is far more time consuming, we believe it is the most accurate way to do the job.

Blade Setting

Blades that have been overworked, damaged, are excessively dirty/rusty or sharpened incorrectly will not achieve the best results in the sharpening process. Consider a new blade for optimum performance.


We mainly service industry standard 7/8” pitch blades. We can service various tooth geometries, primarily 10/30, 9/29 and 7/32.

Profiles Serviced

Turnaround time is 7 to 10 working days depending on workload and external forces but we try to get blades out as soon as possible!

Lead Time

Please get in touch if you have any queries regarding packaging and couriers, we are happy to help. Contact us here.


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