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Stephen Cull Standing next to a Wood - mizer sawmill

Stephen Cull is a name synonymous across the sawmilling community.

For many years, Stephen was part of the Wood-Mizer UK team and the longest-serving Regional Sales Agent for Wood-Mizer sawmills. In that capacity, he represented the well-known sawmill manufacturer throughout Wales and the West of England gaining extensive technical experience of all their equipment.

Having helped develop the Ripper37 sawmill blade brand, manufactured by Dakin-Flathers Ltd, across the UK market, Stephen knows what it takes to drive success in the industry. His expertise has helped sawyers achieve the cutting-edge technology they need to stay ahead in the sawmilling game.

Those reigns have been handed over to Tegid Evans of Supersharp. Tegid has vast experience of resharpening and setting sawmill blades along with being well known throughout the sawmill community of the UK.

Stephen Cull's History

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